Interactive Brodcasting Platform

Illustrate your broadcast with any media content, including Social networks posts, Pictures and Video

Interact with your audience in real time using Chats, Live Reactions, Polls, Quizes and Charts

Socialize with your audience via Instant Messanger, Chats, Station Wall and Facebook integration

Extend broadcasting interface with Timeshift and Air Archives, Presenters and Guests identity, Promo and Announcements.

Monetize your online broadcast without any technical restrictions of the advertising format.


Our mission is to break a wall between presenter in the Studio and online viewers or listeners.
Forget about radio being a verbal media from now on a presenter can enhance narrative with additional interactive content in any format.
Radio becomes truly Visual and Interactive.

Oles platform allowing TV and Radio stations to visualize live Internet broadcasting and carry out direct interaction with the audience in real-time.

Our technology can change your ideas about broadcasting on the Internet, reevaluate existing experience in this sphere and turn online broadcasting into a single info-visual stream of a new type.

A full range of interactive features turns station web-based interface into mini-social network.


Automatic functions and services

Broadcast the "Identity" of programs and presenters in accordance with the Schedule.

TimeShift. (For stable Icecast/MP3 Radio Streams only)
Gives the listener the opportunity to rewind the broadcast back and archive the broadcast to one month by the hour.

Extended "Now Playing" info.
Automatic publication of the Title, Picture and Descriptions of the current track, according to the Icecast meta tags (Radio Stations with Auto DJ only)

Archive of published "Illustrations", "Polls" and "Guests Cards". Archived "Illustration" and "Guest Card" provides an opportunity to "rewind" the airtime at the time of its publication (when using TimeShift)

Live Reactions.
Display of live reactions / emotions of viewers in real time in the form of a diagram. The chart starts at the beginning of each hour.

User comments.
Each comment is attached to a live broadcast every second with the ability to replay a commented episode (when using TimeShift).
Automatic publication of comments on the main screen. This functionality can be enabled / disabled at any time.
In addition, the producer (or the presenter) has the ability to publish (broadcast) each single comment manually.

News feed. 
Loading from an external RSS source or editorial headlines entered manually. Producer has the ability to "open" the news feed to full screen to all users in real time.

Programmes Schedule.
With automatically presented "Announce". Each programme has its own comment system.

Station "Wall". 
Important messages, announcements, articles with comments. It includes the ability to create a "sticker” - box with the announcement picture, attached to the screen. 

Instant Messenger.
The possibility of private communication to your users. It includes "Activity" module, displays "WHO" is online, "WHEN" and "FROM WHERE" entered the site and "WHAT" is engaged at the moment. (Watching/Listening/Reading/Writing, etc...).

Weather forecast for user's region. 

Exchange rates in user's country.

Facebook APP.
The station is automatically connected to Facebook Application, which allows your audience to listen/watch your channel without leaving the Facebook interface!

Managed services.(By Producer or Presenter).

Almost any online content. Images, links to external pages, posts of social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), YouTube videos and Facebook' Live Streams.

The common name of a multi functional module, which provides the ability to create Polls, Duels, Quizzes and Voting Charts. Each answer in the polls can be illustrated with a picture, audio, video. Surveys results displayed in real time.

Personalized "ID Cards" (photo / title / slogan) of presenters and studio guests. 

External Broadcast.
An opportunity to include a live broadcast from the YouTube or Facebook in full-screen mode, while retaining the ability to use the full functionality. 

Full-screen video or image that serves as background to the Main screen.   


Advertising management interface provides full control over the broadcast advertising:

Synchronization of advertising spots with existing spots in the current broadcasting schedule.

Determination of the advertising schedule time and duration output.

Priority based rotation.

Dayparting selection.

Geo targeting.

Automatic start and the end of the campaign at a set date.

Automatic completion of the campaign for impressions and clicks (by the selected model of the campaign - CPM / CPC).

All formats - Audio, Video, Image are clickable!


Web based, role based access. No installation required.


General settings, team members list, and programmes list.

Intuitive drag & drop interface for weekly schedule using programmes list and news spots. 

Advertisement management. 


Combined administration area for producer & studio interfaces.

Real-time management of all interactions and services, including manual operations. 

Ability to prepare "Host Set" (a collection of Illustrations, ID Cards, Polls and Comments) in advance, with the ability to assign sets to an exact hour for later usage.


Simple interface that allows previews and to launch any services/elements to Live Air directly from Air Studio.

Main Interface

Full-screen player + interactive tools.


Copy & Paste one line of code to your website.

Simple Button.

Entire main interface as fullscreen page.


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